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The Save Gas Book Info and Free Download

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The Save Gas Book


Yes, You Can Use Less Gas
and Help Slow Global Warming!

This free book will help you do it
without driving yourself nuts

The concept sounds simple. Use less gas to both save money and help save the planet from global warming. Even small changes, when made by millions of people, add up to major environmental improvements.

But where do you start?  What lifestyle changes can you really make?  How do you measure how much you’re saving?

The answer fits in the glove compartment of your car as a handy planning guide.

The $AVE GAS Book by Dennis Heller shows you how to live an ecologically greener life while keeping more green in your wallet.

You can make plans according to your own needs, with:

·         Money and Gas Saving Tips

·         Changes to Consider

·         List of Valuable Resources

Plus, you get Planning and Log forms for all these activities:

·         Transportation Planning

·         Alternative Travel Use

·         Daily Car Usage

·         Gasoline Purchases

·         Car Maintenance

·         Travel Expense Summary

For less than the cost of one gallon of gas, you’ll have a methodology that will pay for itself many times over.

Get started now! Free Download:

click here to download file